SpecFilm is your best choice for professional aerial and other special cinematography for television, cinema and event coverage in Moscow

Aerial video for real estate, events, sporting events, commercials, programs, movies

Equipment & Prices

Aerial cinematography
Professional aerial video for places, events and anything else. We are working with Inspire 2 X5S, Inspire 1 Pro, Sony a7S II, Panasonic GH5S and other cameras. 1/2 shift (up to 4 hours): starting at 10 000 ₽
Full shift (up to 8 hours): starting at 18 000 ₽
1/2 shift is enough to produce enough footage for a short reel about a location or event. We'll be working until we get the shots we need, no need to count the minutes.
Video editing
Quality video editing and color-correction. Result uploaded to the web or provided on a USB drive. Starting at 9500 ₽ (for a short reel) We can also do effects, titles, text.
DJI Inspire 2 X5S, DJI X7, Blackmagic Production Camera 4K, RED EPIC-W
Your camera (RED, Alexa Mini) on our DJI Ronin MX gimbal.

  • Team of pilot and camera operator
  • Director's monitor
Shift (up to 10 hours): Starting at 60 000 ₽
Discounts when ordering two or more shifts.
Other services
  • Filming on the ground (steadicams, jibs)
  • Aerial photography
  • Topographical shoots

Why SpecFilm?

We know what we're doing and we take pride in timely quality results, and we're not afraid of challenges. Our experience allows us to bring to life most ambitious projects safely and with awe inspiring results.

What about color correction, editing, special effects? SpecFilm does everything from filming to post-production.

We will consider free of charge work requests from charities. We will also travel to disaster areas to help evaluate damage from the air.